Saturday, March 12, 2011

It has been too long

I get caught up in trying to do too many things and this blog gets skipped. Let me tell about books after several sessions of bees.  Books are my first love, next to pecan pie and family dinners, that is. I am still sorting books at the Salvation Army and it gets , uhhh, I dunno, frustrating at times. I love going there and being somebody as I know it helps them make money to run their save the dopey programs. This store's income is devoted to rehab program and it is a worthy cause. I have met several of the men coming through the program and i can see why I work there - other than the fact I love to do the "book work." We have had some really good candidates come through.
The last bunch had some apples which may have been over ripe but they got cut from our store and i don't know what happened to them. One guy's attitude seemed to infect the lot and they all left under rather hurried circumstances. One young man who didn't believe in helping the full time employee even went so far as to raise his voice in ire at the boss lady. Wrong!
The crew we have now are all soft spoken and seem to work fine. One even put out mu 1/2 price signs for me as I was gone Wednesday. Another and I can talk about a few topics and that seems to help him.  I have not noticed them purposefully skipping or hiding from work as I did the young crew which just left.
On another front, I found a collection of Horatio Hornblower and took it over to my Captain Jack Sparrow grandson. When he finishes reading the 10 lb. novel he is now reading he will tear into Horatio and have as much or more fun as I did when I read him. I hope he enjoys H H as much as I did. Oh, I also found that I have not read the entire series so maybe I can borrow one or two and get caught up.
Several times recently I have been able to help people find books they were searching for - or hoped to find. One lady ended up buying 10 or more books as I found them and she wanted them all. She didn't want to take a chance they would be there when she returned. It was 1/2 price day so she could afford it.
Today I helped some young lasses find books about animals or concerning animals. I really like it when young kids come in and spend time picking out books. It is even better when they are actually looking for something they want rather than a "ho hum" attitude.
My great is coming soon so I better sign off for the nonce.