Sunday, May 27, 2012

After months of delay, I hope to keep up with this a little better.
Today - May 27, 2012, I fixed my newly acquired nuc into a permanent place. I brought them home yesterday from Carl's who kept them whilst I was in Australia. They have already outgrown the nuc status and are now a full hive. Their 10 frames were not completely grown out but that box was full! Now they can get busy filling out the rest and adding bees so they can get through the winter. But first, in Oklahoma we have the horrid summer to get through.
I do not know when I will get time to do all that is needed to get my "beezness" up where it should be. Some problems but not time for solutions yet.
We'll see how this week goes with cleaning the garage, moving 'stuff' back into the house and still trying to keep up with bees.
I had rather work with the bees.