Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wellsir, Good Intentions and All That

It has been more than a month since I last posted and a lot has happened. My volunteer job at Salvos (Aussie-talk for Salvation Army and a good short hand) went very well except-- the couple of weeks before I left we were getting in so many books I could not come close to keeping up. So, I had to increase my time and increase my amount of work. I almost got everything straightened out but... just before I left there were probably 10 more large boxes of books stacked with the ones I was still trying to work on. It came time for me to leave so I did.
I am in Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia and it is cold here. I have been here three weeks with one more week and two days to go. I leave here on the 10th and get home on the 10th. I fly out of Sydney at 1:25 PM and land in Dallas at 1:50 PM. Now you expect me to explain how a monstrously big airliner can go almost 10,000 miles from Sydney to Dallas in 25 minutes.  Wellsir, it is magic and I don't mess around trying to get wizards, fairies and pixies angry with me so you will have to do it yourself.
I brought four books to read and have finished three of them which I shall donate to the local Salvos store. I wanted to download an ebook and thought I had made all the preparations but there is something stopping me. Yessir, I believe it is called technology. I jumped through the techno hoops and bowed to the nology gods and sacrificed 90% of my nerves and 99% of my patience but to no avail.
At first I couldn't find an ebook I wanted so after looking at several looks I settled for second best. Then that one would not fly through cyber space and land in this laptop. I have the silly program with its ugly icon on the desktop but nooo, it just sits there staring back at me and the book is probably gasping to death somewhere in the far cosmos.
That means that if my last book is not good I shall be forced to read one of the intelligent books my sis-in-law left me. Wow! Being on holiday means you don't have to think. Why would I want to dig deep into something that worked my brain muscles and caused me to exercise my brain cells. I won't stoop to bodice ripping romance books but "A Fatal Conjunction" might just be a tad heavy.
Yes, I have been getting all the weather reports from back in Oklahoma. I worry about my bees as they do not have air conditioning in their houses. After they earn their keep we can negotiate that service but they haven't provided a profit yet. Now that it is so bloody hot back there the bees may never be able to make enough honey to pay for their keep.
Each hive has its own water container so they can always have a drink. Some bees are so stupid they think they can swim and they go twirling around in their drinking water. I have lifted them out before but I have yet to administer artificial respiration. If they are that dumb they can go ahead and choke and cough.
I have tried to find beekeepers here in Broken Hill but it appears there aren't any or they are well hidden. The man at the Chamber of Commerce said they had all left because of the drought. I went to another's house and his neighbor said he had moved to Queensland as it was too cold here. I agree.
This year has been particularly wet so maybe they left or quit too soon. I would like to talk to a beek (NEOBA talk for beekeeper) here to see how much things are the same and different fom back home.
One week to go, I think I'll make it.