Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to "The Army" working again

Returning from Australia was an easy trip but not so easy in the way of adjusting from the extreme temperature difference. Then our old friend jet lag played a part in not sleeping for a few nights.
I finally went over to "The Army" to find that almost all of the hundreds of books I left had been "sold." The shelves in the back room were almost empty of all paperbacks and most hard backs. I find it amazing that the store could sell more books in a month than the entire year previous to that. But it is not mine to question why, just mine to look and cry.
So I was in good shape to start rearranging. I am now on my third/fourth day of working and have made great strides. I may have made a big mistake in trying to switch the paperback shelves in back for the hard back place. So far it is working but today we got in a large box of papers. They were almost all just what we needed; thrillers of various genres. Wish I read faster as all the major authors had some new books in the mix.
I started a new shelf of over sized adventure/thrillers. I think I shall call all spy, conspiracy, murder, and any other of that type a thriller. Doesn't quite get what I want to say but it will be easier to type one word rather than an explanation each time.  Now I finally am getting the shelves the way I want them and the way I had them before i went to Oz a year ago. This time i knew what to do so I just did it. I took out shelves of books and replaced them with my choice. We are leaving again next week for eight days so things will be in a mess again.
That is O K as now I know what I need to do and I know I can do it.
Yep, it is good to be home with my books and my bees again. Just think, not another major trip in sight until January.
Oh well......................

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