Friday, April 6, 2012

I have -0- idea how the "and furthermore" got on bees and books. It was not supposed to, but since it is here, and I have yet to be able to remove it, I hope someone enjoys it.
I have lost a hive of bees. A hive I thought was doing well. They had plenty of food, etc stored and they just crashed. There was a yard service that sprayed but assured me that the spray would not hurt the bees. They were using 2-4-D which, as I understand it, is a poison. Think about it. If it will kill weeds and grass, why would it not kill bees. A company man came out to do a follow up and I wouldn't let him until I talked to some bee people. Some people who know about things like that.
I did talk to an experienced bee person and she told me how to handle it. I had to sit through and take a grilling about killing weeds and letting dandelions grow and "stuff" like that. Finally I made her listen and after about 1900 times of telling her I was going to kill weeds, she told me what to do.
She could not or would not understand that I live in neighborhood with rules. She told me that was why she didn't live in town. Dumbass broad! I do live in town so, since you butted in to the conversation, what do I do?
She finally got through telling me about all her stuff and told me to close up the bees for the day of spraying and all that night. Let the bees go in the morning and they should be O K.  So far Pinkstons has not called back nor made an effort of communicating. The lawn looks good so I may just leave it that way.
I do believe that the spray guy got too close to this hive and that put them over the top. Up until that point they were my most active and largest hive. So, now I may take two hives to the cabin and have two here as I have ordered another nuc.
We'll see when I return from Oz.

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