Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aussie bees - Srept 8 2010 Broken Hill (NSW) Australia

Yesterday started out as a lovely day. with the sky blue as an Oklahoma spring and the sun trying its best to keep its promise. We sat on the veranda and had a cuppa whilst reading, talking and enjoying the beautiful garden. Then, as I was looking at the various colours of the flowers, etc., I saw a honeybee. No mistaking it for any other insect, it was a honeybee.
There was a small, pink-flowering tree just a few steps away and she was attracted to that. I went to the tree to check it out and found there were multitudes of bees but they were of an unfamiliar type. I got my camera and tried to get a shot or two so I could either post a picture or show someone and have them identify what kind of bee it is.
Trying to take a good shot of a bee in action is harder even than trying to get grandkids to stand still and quit acting silly.I probably shot ten times and don't think any of the shots are good enough. However, Herself got at least one with her teeny camera so the whole exercise may not have been in vain.
Next weekend we are going to my brother&sis-in-law's country place where they are building a home. They have several acres out of the town of Coonabarabran and most of it is cleared. There is also water available.
Right! Sounds just perfect place to start several bee colonies. I hope to be able to talk seriously w/ sis-in-law about this after we get there. She has a lot on her plate so I'll have to wait my turn. I think it is doable even at Aussie prices. Bee keeping here seems to be a very high dollar operation and the honey sells for about the same as in the U S.
I think I need to check that a little further also.
This was live from Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia

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