Thursday, August 19, 2010


Wellsir, sometimes things work out. I was in salvation Army doing my book job and ready to leave. Dadgumned people kept buying books and making big holes I had to keep refilling the places where those books had been. Hmmp, it would sure be a lot easier if people left everything in order and.... nevermind.  I don't do the children's books as a lady does them plus the religious stuff. So-- as I was getting ready to finish and I looked over and saw "Miss Suzy."
Now for you uninitiated, Miss Suzy is the story of a squirrel who is very neat and sings as she does housework and cooks acorn cakes. I have been reading this story to various small audiences for more than 40 years. This book not only caught my attention but it grabbed me by the mental throat. A few years ago I did an all out search for it and a friend found it at a garage sale.
I now have a new small audience that needs to hear this story. In fact, I may have more audiences later on and I really believe that their childhood cannot get started without knowing about Suzy Squirrel and how she and some toy soldiers chased out the bad squirrels.
I was wrong on the cost of the book. When I was looking for it before I thought the price was about $50.00, but something has changed. I believe that people who owned the book decided to sell it so the price has come down.
It is now available for $12.89 up to $40.00. Being a used book at Salvation Army and yesterday being a half price day, I didn't have to pay that.
This book is new(looking), clean and unmarked. That makes me wonder what kind of child had the book if they didn't even fold a page or mark it with a crayon.
Yesterday was a hugely successful day.

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