Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Feeding & feeding and feeding

Dang bees are hungry. I have to give one hive a quart of sugar-water a day and the other hive gets a gallon or more a week. I need another gallon feeder so I wouldn't have to keep running out everyday fixing the west hive's jar.
I got two gallons and a couple of quarts this harvest. It was a heckuva lot of work for that amount but every recipient has appreciated it. Hopefully, next year will be better. I want to add at least one hive and if I do it early enough, they may be able to produce.
Next thing is hive beetle control. I must do something about that by next week as the next few weeks may be awfully busy.
The Jones hive is doing well I think.  Jilleroo is taking care of them. We are in a partnership that we both enjoy. OK, I know I enjoy it and she seems to. Now if she just could get super educated about bees it would help. Being way younger she still has a brain (and a very good one) so she can remember the important stuff.
Friday I am to do two programs at an elementary school in Tulsa about bees. I'll take a complete hive equipment without bees and carry a jar full of bees. I had a demonstration hive borrowed but that fell through. The hive parts were falling apart and it wasn't safe to take into an elementary school. So-- I'll wing it.
I'll get it all together and then plan on time. 2nd grade and a fifth grade.  Probably 30 min at most.
I'll let you know.

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