Monday, November 15, 2010

More food, feeding & school

I did three bee programs at two elementary schools. The poorest school's students paid closer attention than the Yuppie class school kids. Wonder what can be made from that... Anyway, I took a jar of live bees as I had no demonstration hive. It was a big hit as every kid could hold it, if he/she wanted, and get a very close look at bees.
The odd thing was that I had several when I went to the far away school and I left them in the jar in the garage overnight. The next day i remembered them and they were not happy with me. I took them out and placed them on a stand close to their hive. The angry buzzing they made as I took off the lid let me know that I shouldn't tarry and spend much time explaining.
So i did a few bees when I went to the very close elementary school. I caught the bees just before i left and took them back immediately after returning home. All but one bee had died. I don't even have a theory as to why unless some third grader put a hex on them.
I enjoyed showing and talking to the kids and may do it some more.
Today I had enough sugar to mix up 2.5 gallons of sugar-water feed. It should be cooled off by now so I better had go feed before they all die.

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  1. Chelsea, it makes me dizzy to read about all your bee business. I do think it it would be fun to take the bees (in jars, of course) to schools and tell the children how important bees are to our world.

    Keep the bee business and your book shelving going on as these projects are both a help to others. (I am an avid reader.)

    Take care and have a very Merry Christmas. Oh yes, don't forget to wish the Baby Jesus a Happy Birthday