Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's alive, it's alive

Sometime just before noon I was out attempting to clear enough for the mail person to get our mail without her having to walk in the snow.  Then, as I was finishing the driveway somewhat later, I was at the back of my pickup near the end of the driveway. Sudden;y a small bee came and flew around me until; I made notice of her.
Then she flew away and I could not tell where.
later, after going in for a very late lunch, I saw bees coming and going at the hive. I thought I had lost everything but there must be enough left to keep that hive going.
SO! Back to plan 1. I shall start two new nucs, replace this queen or use the new queen to do another starter hive.  I think I would like to have three here again and then two over at the ranch. OR-- I could do the opposite. Either way will be good.
Now I must get some frames & hive bodies ready. I hope for a long nectar flow in the spring. I hope to enjoy spring honey.
Yea bees.

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