Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well, DUH!

I must have the dumbest bees in the world. No, make that formerly had the dumbest. I went out today to fix their entrance where snow could not block it as I want them to be ale to continue to breathe. We are due for another storm which will drop eight to 14 inches of new snow.
Wellsir, there were five or six bee bodies in the snow. IN THE SNOW. One had made it almost six feet away, the others were much closer than that.
They looked around, crawled over a dead guard bee who had frozen in the doorway and then took off. Since one got about three feet or less and dropped, the others thought they would try it. It reminds me of the Red neck/Teenager joke about;"Hold my beer, watch this."
I am way ready for this cold weather to be over so my bees can go back to attacking me instead of committing hari kari in the sub-freezing weather.
Dumbass bees.

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