Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It has been almost three weeks since I did any blogging.  There has been too much happening to catch up all-the-way so I shall hit the highlights. Maybe
I now have three hives, I lost two swarms because they got mad and left and I may buy another whole starter hive and take it to a friend near Seminole.
I spent four days in Phoenix and was glad to leave before the heat really settled in. It was a most pleasant visit and, as I mentioned, the weather cooperated. More than once I sat on the patio and read or drank coffee -- or both. My niece and I sat out there and had the nicest visit. I have not seen her enough and all that made me realize how good it would have been to have seen her much more often. Her grandchildren are almost as cute and intelligent as mine.
Speaking of heat, I must go buy a sun screen for our patio as the wind from our gentle summer breeze has completly ripped, shredded and torn away our east screen. It makes morning newspaper/coffee a little hard so I think I am headed out.
I think tomorrow we will go get the dog.
I better run as the afternoon has been -0- nada.

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