Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wellsir, today was certainly a good day. We went to the country chalet to spend the night so we could retrieve our registered half dachshund and half skinny dog and half shelter faithful companion. Nothing to do with bees or books.
But-- we were reminded of the summer band concert at Oakdale elementary school. The band director there is doing an excellent job and proved it once again today. He had several beginners who had only three weeks of instruction, some of them not even that much. They played 4 (?) little songs which were, of course, on their level. He did a thing which showed each section and let each section be featured. My almost third grader started band this summer as he was able to play and really wanted top. His sister was in the 6/7/8 grade band anyway so it was not an imposition to take him. Anyone who likes kids should have seen his face after their concert was over. It was almost worth the trip over just to see that beam coming from his small countenance.
The 6/7/8 grade band sounded worlds apart - as it should have. It is amazing in this day of kids staying home inside and playing video games for hours that kids would come out during the summer and actually learn things.
The band director has a special star in heaven.
Then, when I got home I started fixing my smoker as the fuel I invented was finally dry. It has been over a month, as I remember, since I started this experiment. It worked! I now have enough smoker fuel to last me for a long time. It is cool, as is recommended, and blows lots and lots of smoke.
UHOH--- my little treasure just came in so I gotta go.

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