Tuesday, June 1, 2010

flowers and more flowers

I do not know whether or not bees like sunflowers, but I am about to find out. The results of the sunflower crop from last year is now popping up all over place. I keep digging up plants and giving them away but more keep appearing. This morning I even mowed some before I ran out of gasoline and was forced to come inside and get at my computer as God intended man to do.
My friends (workers) at the Salvation Army store liked receiving the sunflowers so I hope somebody over there wants some more. I have about 20 I could not bear to mow.
You may remove your head gear, bow your head and read this next sentence slower as if mourning: my tulip tree died. It was sickly from the start and did not take well to the (so called) soil of my back yard and it perished quietly over the weekend. I had so looked forward to see what the hell a tulip tree was after it got bigger. Now I will never know. Maybe I can visit a tulip tree farm if I am ever in Holland.
I found out this morning that bees do not like electric weed whackers any more than they do gasoline powered weed whackers. The little darlings were not even started on their day's activities when I rushed out to trim the grass for them. The grass had grown almost tall enough to cover their entrance.
To show their appreciation, they sent out several warrior Amazon girls and drove me off in a buzz attack. Being extremely brilliant, I thought I could rush in, zap the grass and be gone before they had their meeting and made a decision as to how to approach this new noise maker.
Little did I know they had already had that meeting and sent out some representatives to negotiate my immediate withdrawal. They were very persuasive so I went back to doing something else somewhere else.
Maybe we need some of these to go to Iraq or Afghan and negotiate something.
I am thinking of taking one hive to a new home where they will have fields of clover to pollinate. I bet they do not appreciate that either and will probably let me know unless I do it extremely well and cautiously. The last time I moved bees turned out O K but there were two or three near disasters and I do not want to repeat that.
Did you know that skunks like to eat honey bees?  ......... Now if you are ever on a quiz show you can be smarter than a fifth grader.
I am outa town for the rest of the afternoon. In case you have something to say, leave it under comments and I'll read it about 5 or 6 PM.

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