Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Wow! We got a heavy rain today and it has cooled off until one would think this is a nice place to live. Now that it is too late I wonder why I didn't move to some other place years ago. OK, so I am trying to live on an Oklahoma retired teacher's pension and this red neck, dirt pore state fits. But-- other than that, I mean.
It is only 17 days until Carol and I board the plane for Sydney and I have made almost no plans. I do plan on being on the plane and enjoying the ride, along with 400 of my closest friends. Unfortunately, the flight is only 14 hours long and that is hardly time to get to know the strangers who sneaked aboard while the cabin attendants were not looking. 14 glorious hours of wondering how a machine that weighs close to a half million pounds can stay up at 35,000 feet and keep you supplied with air and water. Hey, nothing to worry about, right?
Then, how do I know the pilot didn't skip class the day they studied "landings 101' or "The Art and Care of Landing Gear."  Somehow I think those classes would be important.
It seems to be early in August for us to get cooled off. I can remember having to go to football games with the band in September when it was too hot to breathe. But that was OK. It was football and nothing in the world is as important as football in Oklahoma. Actually, that seems to be true of too many other places now.  I have my theory of that but most people do not want to hear it, they just want to quit thinking and start cheering as cheering is much easier than thinking.
OK, that is too serious.
Let's think about kangaroos and running over them. Kangaroos should be issued a license and not allowed out after dark. I think that would work.
OK, so I don't have anything to say. I think I shall go read a book.

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