Saturday, August 14, 2010

Finally back

Wellsir, yes you are correct. I haven't written in a long time. I sit down here at this typer and nothing comes out. Then I get busy doing nothing or time wasting and the day skips past.
Finally I did something. You may remember I am sorting and shelving books at the big Salvation Army store up the street. My sis-in-law called and told me of the Morris library redoing their holdings. They have moved into a new building so they are getting rid of 10,000 books. You are right! I didn't believe it either but it turned out to be true.
My 12 year old (and mom & two siblings) were coming over on Thursday. I made arrangements to go down and pick up a load of books that afternoon. I completely overloaded my pickup but we made it fine. I unloaded the books at the Salvation Army Friday morn and returned for another load. I did not overload this time and left ten boxes to get later.
It has been extremely hot here ever since June, in fact, June may have been the hottest on record. So, I parked the truck in the drive way and was going to wait until this morning to unload as that is when there are helpers at the Salvation Army store.  It was 107F here today and i had about enough working in the extreme heat.
So I woke up about 3:30 A M and wondered why. I lay there for a long time and way off I heard thunder. "Right," I said, "I remembered to water the two trees in the front yard and then it rains."  Then it rained -- hard-- then H A R D!  A good ol' fashioned toad floater rain.
By the time the third or fourth drop had hit I remembered the books. I rushed out to the garage and got a tarp but I couldn't get it to do properly as the wind was also blowing and I couldn't see because of the dark, the rain and the rain on my glasses. I got soaked.
Then I moved the little car out of the garage and backed the pickup into the garage. There is barely, and I mean "barely" enough room for the pickup in the garage.  I checked the books later and there is some damage but not as bad as I first thought. Grandson and I loaded two different days when it was over 100 F in the big building where the books were and then to have one of those loads ruined by the extremes of Oklahoma weather was a blow.
There is a large dumpster at Salvation Army so I shall dispose of the ruined books there.
One interesting book I saw was "Look Out, Hitler. Here Comes the Gremlins." It was published in 1943 and, I know you won't believe this, but it may have been a book aimed at brain washing children. Hard to believe the U S would do that, I know, but it may have been.  I shall read it with interest after it dries out.
Then the other "good" news is that one bee hive  got completely wiped out. Somehow wax moths got in there and the robber bees stole all the honey. Not being able to see through wood and look inside, I didn't know this was going on so by the time I discovered it, it was too late. I will replace that hive next spring. With any luck I may be able to catch a swarm from somewhere and will have a hive that way. Then MAYBE it won't be hard to keep that hive going. I am hoping that within the next 50 years I can learn to do this bee stuff.

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