Saturday, May 29, 2010


It has been a long time since I added a post but it doesn't seem to matter; no one but me reads this anyway.
You should know that I have three hives of bees now and they seem to be doing OK. I will not be able to tell for sure until Thursday, June 3rd. That is two weeks from the last swarm and that is how long you are supposed to wait until you see if there are any eggs or new larvae. I just hope I know what to look for.
But off that subject, yesterday and most of last week were very special. My little Treasure came to spend the day with us twice and extended visits at different times. My darlin' from the ranch was here for a week and they got to spend some time together. Actually, they got to spend a lot of time together.
When I think back to the memories I don't have I just hope they get memories to tresure when they finally get grown. By bonding this early I think, put that in italicized caps, they will be friends all their lives even at the age difference.
Little guy is very curious, as most intelligent babies are, and also very helpful. He even tried to get involved with my experimental project of molding dried grass with wetted cow manure to make fuel for the bee smoker. Manure does fairly well by itself but burns out very quickly. I am hoping to make this new product the shape of the smoker and make it burn slower, steady and longer.
Now I am looking for volunteers to help me mix, squish and pack the wet cow manure into drink cups which are the approximate size of a bee smoker. Just think, if it works I could become the Cow Manure King of the bee keeping world. People have often said I was full of Bull"Manure" but now I am elbow deep into reconstituted cow manure.
Fitting that.
Little Treasure was just not quite tall enough to help other than hold things I didn't need and hand me things I also didn't need. But he thought he was helping Pop.
Like many grandparents, our life is sort of put on hold while he is here. It is amazing how our own kids could pretty well take care of themselves and did not need minute scrutiny but our grands and great-grands cannot be out of sight or the world will end. I think they could manage just fine but I am out voted on that.
Headed out to decorate parents & sisters graves and then to a celebration at Sand Bur Acres for the week end. If anyone is reading this I hope you have a safe & happy Memorial Day weekend and don't forget why we have this holiday.

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