Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Didn't get anything done today, by one definition, that is. My Treasure showed up and helped me do one project. We transplanted some sunflowers in the back yard so I could mow. Then I rode him around the yard in the wheel barrow but he wasn't too thrilled with that.
Nothing much was dome, except follow him around to see he didn't hurt himself or something else (usually both at once) and then we had lunch. After lunch I got him on my lap and we did patt-a-cake and I got him lying down properly so I could sing a "go to sleep" song. He did not really want that and fussed for awhile. Since I am as stubborn as he is, he went to sleep and I held him for the next 2 hours.
That was good on so many levels.  He hasn't been very amendable toward singing and rocking so this was good. He is old enough to remember this so it won;'t be this easy next time.
I have gotten nothing done on any project I wanted to do or to start. Yesterday my bee hive paining was interrupted by rain. Couldn't finish as the unpainted wood was wet.
It has been a week and I haven't finished yet so I am wondering if this is to be a lifetime job. I don't think I shall advertise as a hive painter.
He is awake and harassing G'gramma now so maybe I can slip out and get the blade off the mower. Also need to change the oil in the mower.
Tonight is Cirque Dreams at the P A C. It should be good in their strange way.
Maybe more later.

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