Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Readying to leave

We went to our country chalet for the end of last week and Sat. Then on to church to see the world's first most intelligent grandson go thru a confirmation ceremony. I was very impressed with the Stillwater UMC proceedings as the kids (19 of the little buggers) were involved in several aspects. By the time church was over they would have had that they really did belong  to that church. It was so much more than the preacher calling some kids down front and doing a dull reading and then sending them back to their seats. That is basically what our church does and to me, the guy who likes ceremonies that make sense, is dull.
I just spent way too much time buying travel insurance for our Sept trip to Australia. I had finally gotten to the final part, after double checking and 'chatting' with someone from the insurance provider and getting details straight, when ZAP!! all the electricity went out. My computer screen went black and I lost everything.
Fortunately for me, this Apple had it saved under History and all I had to do was to click the proper item and I was back to -almost- where I got booted. Broken Arrow seems to have more power surges than any normal place.
Today was to be the day I got several things done that were being piled up. It is raining hard and is dark and is raining hard. So-- no out side work as I left my swim fins someplace safe. Our back yard is like a swamp after a rain as the construction company fixed it with a "V" down the middle to drain the water. I am sure they did that so the whole of everything would not wash away but it seems like it maybe could have been put back further.
Maybe not.
Now, I am off to buy tires for our sedan. I gulp and breath hard as I have priced tires for that car in the past and think I may be solving our national finance problem with one single purchase.
Maybe not.
More later
Did I mention it was raining hard?

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