Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Wellsir, I hope this is not an omen but I just this minute saw a little, black ant disappear into my keyboard. Maybe he is one of those "apps" I read/hear about.
In addition to books and bees, I like to travel. Somehow I have to find a way to get to South America and Africa. If I ever get to Antarctica I suspect it will be a trip I take alone. Some people are not thrilled with the idea of taking a ship down at a place where ice bergs are the size of Montana and they all have little ship icons on their sides the way WWII pilots put enemy plane icons on their planes after they had shot them down.
It has been a long while since I have been anywhere and my whole psyche is calling for a road trip -- or an airplane trip may suffice. Well... IF it was a long plane trip. One of these littlebitty 3 or 4 hour trips is like going nowhere. Did you know it takes about as long for most domestic trips out of Tulsa as it does to fly to London? A person I know wanted to go to Maine. Most of those trips had 11teen plane changes and took 8 - 10 hours to get to Portland, ME.
One can fly from Tulsa to Dallas to London in the same amount of time. ...and furthermore, one would not have to spend hours in waiting at various airports along the way.
I have been to Australia a few times and have enjoyed every trip. Trying to see all of Australia would be like trying to see all of the U S. Australia is almost the physical size of the U S so a week there wouldn't get you far. Australia also has so much to see that not even Aussies can see it all. I have not been up north where the tropical part is. I would like to do that.
I also have not seen the Tuscany part of Italy and I am convinced that could be a home for me. Maybe if I ever saw it in person and experienced it I would change my mind.
Maybe not.
This day is running away from me and I need to do something constructive. If I stay in my room here I will begin to notice the clutter so i better find another task to solve. Something like a cuppa tea.
(I took this in Nov-'09 as I was having a picnic lunch watching the harbor action.)

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