Thursday, May 20, 2010

If anyone from beyond Oklahoma is reading this, it rained here last night in the Tulsa area. OK, a little more than that, it poured for hours last evening and there were tornadoes, possible tornadoes and "not quite" tornadoes over the eastern half of Oklahoma. Our back yard looked like a drowned lake before 10:PM last evening. We got some hail but, fortunately, not much.
Just south of us about 2 miles, a tornado was spotted but it didn't do anything destructive.
I continued watching one of my the few programs I watch whilst others here waited in the closet.
I looked out at my bees during some of the lightning strikes but couldn't tell how they were doing. This morning, before they got up and stirring, I sneaked over and quickly took off the jar of sugar water from the new hive. I had it refilled and back on their front door before very many of the bees knew I had been there. This afternoon I am going to the cabin, uhh "country chalet," as I have a meeting in Edmond tonight. If that area didn't get swamped, as we did, I have some outside work to do there.
Then again, I may just laze about and let my dust settle.
Of course, I could take my laptop and sit on the porch and pretend I am writing something worthwhile. It's not like I don't have some things started that I need to either finish or pretend to keep writing on.
Oh, the worst part of last night: Last week I had mixed up some natural materials for the bee smoker. We haven't had enough sun for it to dry out so I have tried several things - several things except patience. Yesterday the sun came out so I left quite a bit of smoker material on a metal sheet in the yard.
I did not remember in time to get it out of the yard and put it in a container somewhere. yep-dumb. Now it is wetter than when I mixed it, that is, if it wasn't all washed away.
Oh well, I have about half a smoker full so I can get by for awhile. Then, I suppose I could buy a cigar somewhere.
I am headed out so,
enjoy your weekend.

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