Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I just returned from the Salvation Army store where I shelf books. I should have been home long ago but people kept talking to me. It seems that people who read many books also like to talk about them. There i am, "forced" to stand there exchanging stories with another man who also has traveled much of the world.
He told me about all the places he had lived and visited and I let him run. Then I casually mentioned some incidents in some of the places I had been and he wasn't so (almost) condescending. He is not the only person who has been to some strange places and needed to know it.
I hope I do not come across as he did so I try hard not to be 'overbearing' and let the other person tell their boring stories so I can enlighten them.
No, not really but it makes a good tag line.
I really do like shelving the books for the store a it is something that I can understand, I have to think hard doing all of it and I know that the Salvation Army actually helps people who desperately need help. And furthermore, they also help people who just need some help.
Gotta go eat .

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