Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Welcome to my new world

G'day! Being a person who has visited Australia several times, I wanted to get your attention by opening up with an "Aussie-ism," so, g'day mate.
This blog title was suggested by someone who told me all I was interested in was books and bees. That title was taken so I chose "bees and books" for my title. It all fits.
This blog will not be only about bees and books but, as herself said, that is my main interest right now. It will NOT be involved in politics as I think our present political climate is poisoning our country. I have another blog for politics so this one will remain a hate free zone.
The latest JOY OF MY LIFE will be here soon so this will be a short introduction. More will follow and you are invited to post your thoughts.
My present hive of bees did their swarm yesterday which led to an afternoon and early evening of excitement. If you have ever had 20 to 30 THOUSAND bees zooming around in your smallish back yard, then you can guess at some of the emotions that were expressed.
But -- more of that later, right now I must prepare to give 100% attention to my 30" tall visitor as he takes over the world when he is here. He is just starting to get things sorted out and is beginning to call me, as the other grands do, Pop. Actually, he pronounces it "Bop."
I was deep into the bebop scene when it happened and I am wondering if he is channeling that in some mystical way.
Oh well.
Gotta go for now.

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